Japanese Literature’s LDKM 2019


In updating a system, it should be repaired from the inside first so that later it can propagate out. And the purpose of LDKM which is a new activity in the Japanese Literature Association at the Kakumei’s Cabinet is to increase the critical and creative attitude in facing a given case study. To help the younger generation who will become the successor who can make an evaluation of the previous period in each work program that is carried out.

LDKM or Basic Student Leadership Training is held on December 21 – 22, 2019, at Villa Tari, Cibodas. Alhamdulillaah, the implementation went smoothly even though there were some delays from the rundown that had been determined due to unpredictable weather. Especially when going home, we were stuck for almost 2 hours to wait for the rain to stop.

In its implementation, armed with enthusiasm, both the participants and the committee brainstormed with one another to explore new ideas and find a way out of a root problem. The committee also gave some mentoring guidance that is very important in the success of a work program.

Among them are the Event Division, Secretary, Logistics Division and Public Relations Division.

The four divisions play an important role without which an event would not be able to run optimally. Therefore we from the committee hope that the mentoring given during the event will be able to increase the critical thinking power of participants in handling an event.

After holding a number of discussions with each of the designated groups, we held a simple BBQ event. This BBQ event aims to strengthen each other’s emotional connections between the participants and the committees who will work together in a container called Association.

While baking, the music comes along. We had fun and had fun. Free but still limited.

Hopefully, this LDKM event will continue to be carried out as a permanent work program to explore ideas and enhance a sense of kinship among the members of the association every year.

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